24 Jan 2010-Novi’s big day

I reached Labis on Sat around 9pm. Is was my first time to Labis. Is a small town, and so convenient to go anywhere..no traffic jam…hahah

Actually I was a bit nervous for this trip, cause I haven’t been to Labis and was my first time to travel there by bus. And I faced some minor problem at Pudu. However I enjoyed the journey, there are so many oil palm trees, rubber trees, durian trees.. cover with green….surrounded with green.. green.. so nice.

On 24 Jan, I woke Novi up at 5am, for her to bath and ready for the make-up. I was nervous, I have no idea why..haha..Novi was very cool and nice, she told me not to give too much tension and pressure to myself. Just do the best. But I know I can’t, I want to do the best, I don’t want to disappointed her who gave me opportunity and trust on me. Lucky, everything went on smoothly (for me) and managed to finish on time.

I was one of the ji mui as well, I had a great time to be involve in her big day and get to know her family and relatives.

Novi’s hubby really love her, care for her and patient with her as well… I saw he kept on persuade Novi to have more food and so on..cause Novi didn’t have any breakfast at all.. I really wonder where she got the energy for run and focus on this big day.

Sincerely wish they will continue to be happy like this and forever 🙂

Novi, thank you for the trust, patient and the confident. I hope you like it 🙂 If I did anything wrong accidently, please forgive me


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I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me berrymakeup1@gmail.com
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