Random 1

Lately there so many things in my mind till I have no idea how to express it in words.

1st, wording – Allah

My understanding, all the religions only teach us to be good, to treat your neighbor nice, be kind, honest…I really haven’t came across any religion that teach to be violent, to hurt anyone and so on.

Sad to hear the bombing churches, smashing the cars which have the Jesus’s wording or cross. Come on, we are at 21 century, yet this people act violent like uneducated people, like from Sakai..what action has the authorize took? So far, haven’t heard any culprits were caught? No monetary was offer to those churches. Is this what 1 Malaysia’s message? Where is the Justice?  Why can’t the issue solve in better way? And where is the law or rules that stated “Allah” only can use by certain religion? How will they feel if someone bomb or destroy their prayer place? How do they feel?

If your foundation is strong, your teaching is strong and you have faith in your religion, will you worry the wording as an issue? Is because you are weak in your religion, you have no faith in your religion, therefore you are scare?

Currently, country economic is not very strong, yet created such an issue. No wonder western issued a warning letter to people advice do not visit our country. When this happen? Who is the loser? We!!.. no other people.. our tourism industry will hit badly.. no tourist, no expenses on air-fare, no one stay in hotel, no one have food in restaurant, no one buying souvenirs and the worst no income… All the while our country carry a good image, but after all this happened, I wonder how the image will still look like?

2nd, Haiti earthquake

Another sad news.. so many people death.. people Haitians fighting for the food, delay in the rescue team and so on…

What’s the message? We should love our earth more? Not only for us, but for the next generation as well? We shouldn’t be selfish to enjoy it and left nothing for the next generation.

I hope those death, rest in peace… those survive, please be strong and love your life.

I hope that’s no more sad news… heart-wrenching…

3rd, 17 years old

5 students age 17 and a teacher death during the dragon boat training. Another sad news… all of them are so young, who will thought they will leave this world in this way.

They drowned after the dragon boat capsized after being hit by strong waves…

Sad… it just early of the year… only heard those sad news.


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