House key for new house

Today is 30th Dec 2009, I have appointment at 2pm to collect my house key. Yes, house key. New house is ready, and today is the key collection date.

I will go with hubby and meet my parents at the apartment.

Mum, dad and niece reached the apartment around 2pm, we will waiting at the lobby. Around 2.15pm, the person in charge leaded us to our unit. I was happy, excited and nervous. The apartment lifts are small, I think only can fit in 10 persons. When we came out from the lift, the corridor was quite narrow as well, not as width as I thought. The distance between the neighbour is 1.5m only, maybe the corridor windows was close, therefore very stuffy.

When the person in charge opened the front door, we saw the dining hall and living hall as per the showroom. We proceed to wet kitchen and the back room. The room was small, I’m fine with as it will be store room or maid room in the future.

When we proceed to rooms, I was so disappointed. The room was so small not as we saw in the show room, the sales assistance told us the room will slightly smaller than the showroom. But this is very small and the shape is so difficult to place the furniture’s. The toilet in the master room is very small. I was disappointed cause I can’t have big wardroom and I can have bath tub in the toilet.

The second and third room was smaller than my current room. And the developer haven’t finished all the items, we only can collect the key without check the defect.

Mum was not very happy as well…tried to calm mum. Let’s check others unit who were doing renovation, maybe we can get some idea how to shall we go about it. So proceed to visit the facility room and car park. Then we went down to check the letter box. When I reached the lobby, I proceed to the receptionist counter. Then niece came to told me, “granny fell down”,  at first I can’t hear clearly, so I asked again. She repeated again, “granny fell down” I was panic when I hearded that, I run to the back end lobby, I saw mum was lying on the floor. I run toward mum, mum was telling very pain..very pain, she can’t even moved. I saw suffer on her face…I saw her arm swollen. I was helpless at that moment.. And I was so scared and I felt guilty. If not because of me, mum won’t come here. But I told myself, I shall stay calm; think what I have learned from the first aid. I remember that if the suspect that’s broken arm, find a flat wooden and tight with cloths so it does not move.

We did it accordingly and sent mum to nearer hospital. Lucky just elbow dislocated and mum allow to discharge the next day. I think mum feel much better after the procedure.


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  1. lagiamd says:

    nice informations.Thanks!!!!!!! 🙂

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