21 years old again??

Can I be 21 years old again? I wonder… do I have this opportunity or privilege?

When I was 21 years old.. I was still studying in University.

While my same peers busy with all the activities, they went out for tea, jungle hiking, clubbing, mingled around with new friends.

I was in my room. I was busy studying.

I didn’t join them for tea, clubbing, outdoor activities, cause I have limited pocket money given by my parents.. I didn’t have extra luxury money to do so..

When that was semester break, I looked for part time job to earn some extra pocket money.. I didn’t join my friends to go holiday, to visit nice places, hiking, to the beach… I was back to town to work.

I regretted.. I should join them… I should try to ask my parents give me a bit extra money, so I could go out tea with friends, jungle hiking and so on…

At first I have a lot of friends as all of us met in University, and each time they asked you out.. you rejected.. slowly..slowly they also left you and go… That’s why I think I don’t have much close friends in University.

And what you do while you are 21 years old is different if you do it after 10 years or 20 years or even 30 years.

The feeling is different… Example, the feeling you go clubbing while you are 21 years old is different when you are 31 years old.

I hope, I can go back to 21 years old again.. to do those crazy things or those activities that I missed. But I know.. reality, I can’t.. therefore, I should appreciate what I do now at my current age.. I should enjoy it now, appreciate it and cherish it… so I won’t regret it again after 10 years 🙂


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One Response to 21 years old again??

  1. girlgeum says:

    One doesn’t stop “living”, that is, enjoying life because of age. 🙂

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