Shoe’s philosophy

Today I was quiet I was browsing and read the blogs by my friends.

Then I found one the article wrote by my friend – Miu Miu aka Vivian.

The title of the article she shared was – shoe’s philosophy.

When women looking for lover/partner, is the same method they are looking for a suitable shoes.

While they are young, women always buy the most glitters, the highest heel to look tall, nice and sexy.

Even is very tall, not comfortable, not an issue, because they can stand with the pain.

But if one day, if they notice that their foots bunion and blister, then only realized the shoes’ function.

Is to company you to walk, to proceed further path in your life and not static at the spot.

Marriage also in the same philosophy, keep on changing. Therefore, we keep on hunting for a comfortable shoe, the shoe which able to protect your foots and will company in your life and not to increase your tall.. The theory sounds very simple and everybody understand it. But seriously, how many people understand the real meaning behind the theory.

All happy ending has challenging story at the back. Our happiness and unhappiness, is your hand..

One day, you will found him/her beside you.. he/she may not the most beautiful shoes, but a very comfortable and long lasting shoes

Hope everybody will find your SHOES, the comfortable shoes. If you are wearing that shoes, it maybe not comfortable, or maybe difficult to walk.. why don’t try to tolerate, try to walk with it for a period.. maybe after a few attempt and adjustment, you will find is comfortable.

I think the above sharing is true.. most of us try to find the most glitters, most expensive and magnificent shoes.. But we always forget the actual needs why we need the shoes. I will prefer to find a shoes where is comfortable and long lasting, to grow with me and be with me to overcome the challenges in life.

And I found… but I hope we will continue to grow and not static at the spot without moving. I hope we can overcome the challenges in life, the tests from God and so on.

I do hope, I found the right shoes and I have make the right choice


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