I was missing for the past few weeks.. Don’t understand what am I busy with..

However would like to share a book I’m reading.. it also to remind me.. reminder to me again and again

“The Winning Attitude” by John C. Maxwell

Took a part of the portion I love …


An elephant can easily pick up a one-tone load with this trunk. But have you ever visited a circus and watched these huge creatures standing quietly tied to a small wooden stake?

While still young and weak, an elephant is tied by a heavy chain to an immovable iron stake. He discovers that, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot break the chain or move the stake. Then, no matter how large and strong the elephant becomes, he continues to believe he cannot move as long as he sees the stake in the ground beside him.

Many intelligent adults behave like the circus elephant. They are restrained in thought, action and results. They never move further than the boundaries of self-imposed limitation.

The “sap strata” line represents our self-imposed, limiting barrier. The jagged line that keeps rising and falling pictures our actual living

________Sap Strata___________________


The effort it would take to break through that sap strata level takes the “sap” out of us. Every time we make an attempt to break through the line, there is accompanying pain. We pay a physical and emotional price when we actually break through our perceived limitations and enter into a new are of further potential. Sadly, many people accept their sap strata and never reach their potential. We all encounter bad experiences and no one likes to take the ‘medicine.” Yet we penalize ourselves and others when we put the chain on potential.

A few comments we unthinkingly make that can limit potential and keep us from breaking through the sap strata

“It’s never been done before”

“I’ll never try that again.”

Remember: Others can stop you temporarily, but you are the only one who can do it permanently.


There are thousands to tell you it cannot be done,

There are thousands to prophesy failure;

There are thousands to point out to you, one by one,

The dangers that wait to assail you.

But just buckle right in with a bit of a grin,

Then take off your coat and go to it;

Just start in to sing as you tackle the thing

That ‘cannot be done’, and you’ll do it.


                                                  -Edgar A Guest



I should remember this… I can do it 🙂



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