Yesterday I received a text message from my friend regarding this news. I was shocked and sad for her. The baby was 10 weeks and it happened last 2 weeks. I feel so sorry for her and I hope she will recover soon for the physical and mental.

She has been trying for many years, she was so happy when she found that she was pregnant. I saw the sunshine on her face when she talked about her pregnancy.

Now, no more… the baby only stay with her for 10 weeks and left her… no idea what’s the root cause the miscarriage.

I feel so bad… cause I didn’t pray for her pregnancy. I used to pray for all the pregnancy women I know like B, Lisa, Vin, Ven, Fluene, Mabel and so on. I pray God will take good care of the mother and the children. But lately, I seldom pray… I don’t know why…

But I do hope to hear her good news very soon, may God bless her, shower her with the baby’s love


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