Michael Jackson

MJ had passed away for months, still a lot of  record stores playing his songs and music video.  Each time I passed by, I will stop and look at MJ. I can’t stop looking at him. The way he danced, the way he sang, the way he moved his body and the way he entertained his fans.

So happened the same for today. I can’t stop looking at him, amazed with his danced. I still feel very sad that he had leaved us. Out of my surprised, even small kids also know him. I saw a few kids calling him name and pointing to their parents.. The kids are around 3-6 years old only. Surprisingly they know MJ. They said ” dad/mon, look, that’s Michael Jackson.”

What MJ have done in our life… miss you and love you


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One Response to Michael Jackson

  1. Ashley says:

    Now only I know you have a blog!!! I’ll be your fans!!! 😀

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