Hello *^_^*

Welcome to my blog.  First time, very excited and nervous 🙂 Hope I will be hardworking to blog hahhaah


About berrymelon1437101

I'm a freelance make up artist... If you love my work..c email me berrymakeup1@gmail.com
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2 Responses to Hello *^_^*

  1. MCCC says:

    which LRT station are you been bit?
    it seem very worst. I also got sensitive skin, last time i get the same case as you, but it cause by the chinese medicine. then no choice need to consult by doctor and get some cream to cure it.
    Hope that you are get well already

    • berrymelon1437101 says:


      sorry for the late replied. I was new to wordpress. So not aware I have comment 🙂
      I had recovered from the bit, however it caused me more allergy. I don’t know what I have eat, and get rashes the next day.

      I was bitten in Putra LRT.

      Take care

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