Drive to work

2017 I starter to drive to work with two little monkeys. After 5 years no touching the car wheel, now have to start back is a challenge to me. 

I have been managed well till today, I know 2nd of the week! 

He is telling me to be independent! I really what is independent? 

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When I am bored

Waiting for senior to vet my report before I can issue out. Waiting is boring.. what I did? Selfie!

Enjoy Friday and weekend!

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Exercise! One of 2017 goal is to be fit and fitter! Exercise is a must. Today I managed to do 3 laps of various plank with 1-2 mins each duration. Feel better! 

Let’s keep it up!

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Love and hate

Yesterday went for hairdo. Something I love and hate. I love it because after the make over I look gorgeous (to me)! But I hate is always long hours in the salon and it cost a bomb for me! 

I was from 3pm-9pm. Glad that I am not the last customer! Else the staff there will hate me for delay them to close the shop and go home. 

Number 76 one of favourite! #number76#

I love the choices of tea they serve and the biscuit! 

I like their politeness, the energy they have and the ambience! 

But I can’t go often, big hole for me each time I visit this place and long hours for me. 
Share with me your hairdo 2017 and where is your favorite salon! Cheer!

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928 special drink

928 special drink. After fermented for 1 month, consume either with hot water or ice water. Heavenly!

The longer it fermanted the better the taste and aroma!

Good for when having sore throat. Learned from Aunty Suzzaine who are so generous with her recipe. 

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1 Jan 2017

Thank you Mr.2016. I had good and bad time. But I am blessed, God blessed me and gave me second chance. I made it. Contented and appreciated with all I have… may it be better in the future. 




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